Nothing But More
Penny Goring

i i i love that fake velvet you use blunt razors, baby
deep in the heart of you
i smell stupid
i am knittin a wilder sadness
deeper laughter
sci-fi nowhere inside me
mad melange of plague objects
on your romantic carpet
poxy poxy nothing but more
francesca woodman's b&w blurry girls hans christian anderson's 3 dogs - all me 3 dogs me whispers i love whispers
lake of whispers
where my heart used to be
MY FACE ON sci-fi landscapes
ALL CRUDELY dead friends
unloving love
unloving love
chaos warning
rain weather
sudden explicit shitstorm plague of arseholes
rosy rectums
sudden explicit plague doll
on your romantic carpet
plague vag plague face
slow squalor
art sucks
including my apocalypse cupboard full of stuff i won’t need wow your skies are so high
my skies are low and ugly
you leave clues everywhere and i’m ignoring them
i am the mary poppins of death